Snow in Texas

March 5, 2021

Well it was just a few weeks ago, that sitting here at my computer would not have happened, due to the rolling blackouts we had for 3 days. Not only that but no water, and home temps not higher than 60 degrees while outside it was going below zero. So in many parts of the country that would have been just a normal winter day but here in Texas, our homes are not prepared for that, nor were our power companies. Many people experienced much worse than us so we were careful not to complain, just bundled up, sat around candlelight and played more games.

So it snowed in Texas for many days, and because of the freezing temps the snow stayed on the ground and we lived in white covered everything. Once the temps came up to the teens and twenties and power was restored we actually got to go out and really enjoy that winter wonderland we were experiencing.

I documented the kids sledding and building snowmen and had so much fun doing that I decided to offer some Winter Wonderland sessions. One of the first families was the wonderful Tapp family, who’s land was the perfect backdrop for it all. So much so they let me shoot there for all my sessions the next few days, which makes me even happier that we had so much fun together and I loved capturing them. Come enjoy our snow in Texas!

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