Why I do what I do.

February 11, 2021

This is it for me. This is why I step into the realm of photography time and time again. I want you to see your extraordinary, who you are, who your people are…in the now! I want you to able to see yourselves, the beauty that tells your story.  And lastly I want you to have the ability to have that memory as a keepsake long after the day passes.

So I am taking a photography course right now from the amazing Jillian Goulding “to create soul-centered & meaningful art”. One of the first things she asks us to do is to really define our story: What made us who we are? What we do? And then fine tune why we do it. I hadn’t ever really sat and thought about that as it relates to my photography. So I began to dig.

As I thought of my story, I realized that one of the most profound events of my life, the loss of my child to cancer, deeply impacted my being. Of course I look at life through a different lens now, my God who is real and present used that sweet soul to teach me and others so much. When I look into her face in every photo I can sit in that memory as it fills my soul. Her loss of course hurt deep but in the healing He used it to make me who I am.

I began to think how this, my story weaves into this, my photography. And He started to show me that it is why I want to capture the true beauty of my families, my clients, even in the messy or broken…the amazing awe that makes them exactly who He created them to be. I want them to see their story as extraordinary and I want them to feel that joy that spills over and gratitude for all that rests with their lives, in this season of their journey.

If I can capture this for them, then they will always have it to look back on. Maybe it brings healing, maybe it brings hope, maybe it brings reflection or joy but I know documenting it for them brings purpose to my pain. Because I know when their season passes, this will be a gift.

Sharing my story and putting purpose to what I do, who I am and what God has called of me has been rich and rewarding. I have been given such grace to know that I am worth it and that beauty can be made from the ashes. I will continue to run after my calling, to document my family and the document the people God brings to me to tell their beautiful stories for them to have tangible reminders forever and always!

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