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August 12, 2020

One of the joys of my business is connecting with so many families that are doing their best to raise great kids. When I’m shooting I get to see their connection, and the dynamics of their family, it really is such a pleasure and to then transform that into a tangible gift for them that holds that time for them to be able to look back on and remember.Another joy is being able to document my own family, and their families for them to have to treasure. So on this day it was my baby girl #3, and her beautiful big, crazy, loving, wild, tender, gorgeous family. I’ve been shooting them since I moved to Texas almost 3 years ago, so just 6 months or so after their twins were born. So this fall we started in the bedroom first, Christmas jam pictures, that is a tradition. And Tiff is always up to do something new and creative so we opted to go to the @Lumenroom in Dallas, and use their beautiful white room. We bought balloons and did some fun things and the kids loved having them. It’s hard not to brag on your family, so forgive me a bit as I do just that. You see they are just so loving, kind and an extension of grace.  Their hearts know no borders, the depth of their family is an intangible bond, a reckoning force. Both Tyler and Tiff live out their faith in a big way, and that carries over to each of these beautiful littles, and I think that maybe one of my favorite things is watching them grow to love the Lord each in their own way. I hope they never lose their sense of wonder, hope and joy. It is something incredible for the world to witness! 

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