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July 20, 2020

My annual summer trip back to California gifted me the opportunity to shoot a very special little girl and her mamma. Originally I thought we were doing dad too, but mom wanted me to capture some of just her little girl. I convinced her that I wanted to include her in some too.Being from Texas now, summers feel a little different here in central Cal, where the heat is very dry. So while it was close to 100 that evening, it was more bearable than our evenings here, in our high humidity. So off we went to the beautiful Woodward Park, where I spent years running the trails here, coming to shoot a session in the same space felt extra special for me. When I saw this little princess I was so excited because y’ all lets be honest, pretty people are fun to shoot. Presley not only has hair from fairy tales, and the sweetest smile, but she was as kind and friendly as could be. She was easy to direct and quite honestly could have directed the whole thing on her own. Not one frown or fuss, she was all in and a complete joy to work with. Then momma steps in and you totally understand where this girl got her beauty….and her genuine, warm personality. I truly loved my time with Jenna and Presley there was such a sense of calm contentness among them. The way Presley looked at her momma, a simple look full of love and admiration, she is the apple of her eye. The way she fell into her momma’s arms, full comfort and affirmation. You just sense hope, peace and an unconditional love when you are with them. What a gift it was to get to know these two a bit more through our time together.  I will never forget. 

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